Saturday, September 19, 2009

San Gennaro, Little Italy in NYC

Last Sunday, Arbor Boy and I hopped an N train to check out the feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy. Although I've lived in NYC for almost ten years it was the first time I had ever visited the festival. It was the opening Sunday, warm and sunny, so the crowds were thick...

...but the people watching was amazing.

Look closely, her shirt says "Bada Bing".

There is no shortage of food at San Gennaro.

All the sausage and peppers you could ever hope for.

There was sangria but we opted for pina coladas served in a coconut shell. It was amazing how many people stopped us to ask where we got them.

Fried something-or-others.

These stuffed artichokes looked delicious.

More sausage and peppers.

And then there are the sweets.

I guess this lady thought I was taking a picture of her, she gave me a big smile.

Torrone. This stuff is everywhere and costs $16 a pound.

Cannolis at The Cannoli King. NOT the best cannolis in Little Italy.

Ferrara's has the best cannolis, light fluffy pastry shells and creamy filling.

We had a late lunch at Paesano's on Mulberry Street.

I had lasagna tradizionale and Arbor Boy had spaghetti carbonara along with a half carafe of the house red.

I could look at the buildings and signage for hours. Great old awnings with lots of Italian.

Stuffed with pasta and Ferrara's pastries in box for later, we caught a glimpse of the Empire State Building on our way to the subway. It was fun spending the day in a neighborhood that we rarely frequent. I look forward to visiting Little Italy again so we can dine at Angelo's and revisit Ferrara's for some pastries and espresso. Ciao.


Mommyk8- Kate said...

I want to go to little Italy!

Felis Femina said...

Then come visit! San Gennaro might be over but we can still get cannolis at Ferrara's!