Monday, August 24, 2009

Surfing Hurricane Bill at Long Beach, NY

Thanks to the effects of Hurricane Bill, Long Beach surfers were blessed with a weekend of big wave riding.
The waves were about six to eight feet on average...
...and they definitely had some force behind them. I knew my limits as a novice surfer and decided against paddling out.

Arbor Boy caught a few sweet waves.

The big waves brought out some of the best surfers I've seen there all summer.

Everybody wanted to surf Hurricane Bill....


This guy called in sick to work so he could keep on surfing.

Although I was bummed that I didn't get to surf today, ultimately it was probably the best choice and I think I saved myself from a good deal of wave pummeling.
But next time, I'm in. These waves were just too pretty.

Below is a clip of Arbor boy surfing

Click on photos to enlarge. Enjoy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Trifecta

I don't know how many "near-death experiences" a person is required to have in their lifetime but, as of today, I've had three. I think I've reached my quota. Coincidentally, all of them have involved cars. It should be noted that my fiance has been my partner in all of these near-death experiences, and therefore has reached his quota as well.

Near-death experience number one involved a diminutive cab driver named Das Badal who had no business driving a cab and placed us in the middle lane of the BQE going 10 miles per hour.

Near-death experience number two found us walking down 22nd St on the east side when a black SUV, while trying to flee the cops, jumped the curb 30 feet away from us and then proceeded to speed down the sidewalk at about 40 mph in our direction.

Near-death experience number three occurred today at the intersection near our apartment. We were crossing the street carrying groceries and a Ford F350 Super Duty tow truck that was making a left turn hit us. He wasn't looking in our direction the entire time he was turning until my screaming and the sound of the Budweiser twelve pack that Arbor Boy was carrying hitting the grill alerted him to the pedestrians he was about to mow down. We screamed obsenities at him; he barely acknowledged what he did, gave a half-hearted apology and drove away. It wasn't until we calmed down and the adrenaline stopped flowing that we realized the potential seriousness of the incident.

So I think that three near-death experiences is enough for someone who is not actively placing themselves in dare devil scenarios (unlike someone on, say, Nitro Circus or Jackass).

I think this warrants cashing in a sick day.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Non Sequitur

Every time I see someone pushing an empty stroller I have the urge to tell them that they forgot their baby.