Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Once again, the folks are away on a camping trip on one of the "parental" holidays. So, in lieu of a phone call to dad I'll just post this picture of him and his piggy.

You're a hell of a guy, dad!

Pet Peeves

On the subway:

~ people who try to get on the train before letting everyone get off.
~ people who feel the need to have really loud conversations.
~ people who walk through the turnstile and then immediately stop dead in their tracks.
~ people who stand in front of the door like they are waiting to get off but then don't move when the doors open.


~ drivers who honk their horn a second after the light turns green.
~ drivers who talk on their goddamn cell phones while driving.
~ drivers who break when approaching an intersection even when they have the green light.
~ drivers who intentionally run red lights.
~ cops who ignore drivers who intentionally run red lights.
~ cops who intentionally run red lights.
~ drivers who drive 55mph (or slower) in the left lane.

In restaurants:

~ people who speak condescendingly to the waitstaff.
~ when solo diners talk on their cell phones the entire time.
~ diners who snap their fingers to get their server's attention.

In life:

~ people who put others down for no other reason then to make themselves feel better.
~ complainers.
~ poor grammar.
~ when people outside my immediate family call me "Kris".