Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sue everybody

I realize that it is the "American Way" to file a law suit for every little personal injustice these days but seriously, when is it finally too much?

I recently read two news articles (in back to back editions) dealing with two law suits so ridiculous it left me gaping at the audacity. The first was about a school teacher who was suing her student because he caused her to fall and sustain a back injury when he ran to get in line for the ice cream truck. Because he was 8 years old. A teacher is suing an 8 year old child. For what? His ice cream money and his Lunchables.

The second article was about a 12 year old Canadian girl who was suing her father for grounding her because she disobeyed his rules about using the internet. The case went before a judge and the judge ruled in her favor. Let me say that again. The judge ruled in favor of a child suing her father for being a parent. The judge should have told the little spoiled brat that he was sentencing her to a whole year of grounding and tossed her out of the courtroom. So I guessing suing everybody is the Canadian Way too.


Anonymous said...

Hey..just want you to know I agree with you..what a bunch of crap..but in the States you can sue and not pay until you Canada yu have to pay a retainer up front for a lawyer to retain you. I am sure this is the only reason we do not have as many lawsuits as the U.S. Another point..this was in Quebec...they really are not popular with other Canadians..they're arrogant as hell.

Mas Triste said...

Garratt v. Dailey 46 Wash. 2d 197, 279 P.2d 1091 (1955) is a very famous case that speaks to "intent" as for intentional torts. Nearly mirrors the 8 year old case.

The other one? We have infected Canada.

And yeah, the reason we are so litgious is because of contingency fees.