Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sue everybody

I realize that it is the "American Way" to file a law suit for every little personal injustice these days but seriously, when is it finally too much?

I recently read two news articles (in back to back editions) dealing with two law suits so ridiculous it left me gaping at the audacity. The first was about a school teacher who was suing her student because he caused her to fall and sustain a back injury when he ran to get in line for the ice cream truck. Because he was 8 years old. A teacher is suing an 8 year old child. For what? His ice cream money and his Lunchables.

The second article was about a 12 year old Canadian girl who was suing her father for grounding her because she disobeyed his rules about using the internet. The case went before a judge and the judge ruled in her favor. Let me say that again. The judge ruled in favor of a child suing her father for being a parent. The judge should have told the little spoiled brat that he was sentencing her to a whole year of grounding and tossed her out of the courtroom. So I guessing suing everybody is the Canadian Way too.