Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jagged Little Flashback

After filling out a Facebook "note" called 20 Albums I found myself revisiting some music that I had let fall by the wayside, and a happy revisit it was. The note asked you to name 2o albums (duh) that had a profound effect or changed your life. Although I found that description a bit dramatic it still took me on a little walk down musical memory lane. One of the albums that I thought of immediately was Alanis Morissette's 1995 US debut album Jagged Little Pill. I first heard the album during my fall semester as a freshman theatre major while enduring all the typical insanity of making new friends, juggling classes and trying to find out how to get into the keg parties. The angst and rawness attracted me and I listened over and over.

I haven't listened to the album in years but afterwards I had to go to itunes to find it. It seems that I don't actually own the Jagged Little Pill CD, most likely I just listened to my college roommates copy. My plan was to buy the album but when I looked it up another album popped up as well. An acoustic version of Jagged Little Pill that Alanis Morissette recorded in 2005, ten years after the original. I'm a sucker for acoustic so I took a listen and it was just beautiful. The over-the-top anger and venom is gone from the songs; it's replaced with more honest feelings although often just as angst-ridden. The vocals are more mature and creative.

I bought it immediately.

It's been on steady rotation on my ipod for the past week and I can't say that I'm tired of it at all. A few standout songs that were overlooked on the original album are "Not the Doctor", "Right Through You", "Mary Jane", and a really great rendition of "Hand In My Pocket". It also includes the "Hidden Track" with acoustic accompaniment. I highly recommend it.

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