Monday, March 2, 2009

Generation Duh

I've tried not to become an adult with a "kids these days" mentality but with the way "kids these days" act it's almost impossible not to. Teenagers to young adults prove to me every day that they are idiots. Sure, we were all idiots about some things growing up but this is a special brand of idiot that I don't remember seeing when I was in high school. And the onslaught of social networking sites has given them a new outlet in which to flaunt their stupidity. I've seen many photos and status updates on these sites proclaiming their love of marijuana and alcohol with no thought to the repercussions of these postings. I'm not saying I was a saint at that age but I wasn't dumb enough to promote my mischief openly. In the back of my mind I was always worried that I could get caught at any time. I might have been doing some stupid things but at least I was smart enough to be discreet. The kids these days don't even know how to communicate. They have no concept of grammar making them sound like complete morons. I watch them walk down the streets of my neighborhood taking up the entire sidewalk texting on their phones, headphones in place. They may as well be strangers. The world of social networking and technological communication has rendered them socially awkward. I watched one oblivious teenage girl nearly get run down by a car while crossing Lexingtion Ave because she couldn't be bothered to look up from her Sidekick, and her headphones were firmly in place. At my last internship I had the misfortune of sharing one day a week with a high school senior who was doing career observation. Not only did she use the most atrocious grammar (yes, I'm a freak about grammar, it says a lot about a person) but she had no idea how to speak and act with the adults around her. She showed no respect for the professionals that she was supposed to be watching and learning from, but rather spoke to everyone as if they were her peers. There was not an ounce of decorum in her entire being.

Before I sound completely pessimistic, I would like to say that I have seen a few glimmers of hope among this generation of socially retarded simpletons. I just wish that they were the rule rather than the exception.

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