Friday, October 3, 2008

The Debate

There are two things that are very wrong with last night's Vice Presidential debates. The first is the performance that Sarah Palin gave where, for all the words that came out of her mouth, she said very little. The second is the fact that there are people who will buy that performance. She stood up there with all the pageantry poise she could muster and recited those talking points that she crammed into her head in the days leading up to the debate. Ask her the same questions next week (you know, the ones she didn't answer last night) and she won't be able to pull the names Kim Jong-il and Ahmadinejad out of her brain if her life depended on it. She was as rehearsed and robotic as a grade school play and I just can't see how anyone would want that in a leader.

On the other hand, Joe Biden was poised and knowledgeable on all the topics. He spoke naturally and looked comfortable. He answered the questions that were given him and defended the Obama/Biden campaign with facts that were not drilled into his head 72 hours before the debate. It clearly showed just how out of her league Governor Palin really is. And while she claims to empathize with Joe Six-Pack (a term I despise due to it's sheer ridiculousness) she barely batted an eye when Joe Biden spoke of his wife and daughter. And by the way, to all those Joe Six-Packs out there, Sarah Palin and her husband are worth about $1.2 million. See, she's just like you!

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