Monday, September 8, 2008

In The News

The following is a quote by New York Young Republican's president Lynn Krogh from an article in today's Metro entitled "Palin: battle of the sexists".

Folks in the lower 49 states don't know Sarah Palin and so when they (the media) field the questions of whether or not she can be a mother and vice president, they feel them to be valid. I (Krogh) don't think those questions should be asked. No one asked Hillary that question.

Well, Ms. Krogh, allow me to explain. Hillary, unlike Sarah Palin, would not be raising a Down's Syndrome baby while trying to run the free world. I'm pretty sure Chelsea is out of diapers by now.

Update: Lynn Krogh was kind enough to send me an email after reading my little blurb so I thought it only appropriate that I print her response. The following is her email to me in it's entirety.

Thanks for picking up my quote. I appreciate it. Couple of things:
1 - The quote was part of a larger context which obviously wasn't picked up, I used Hillary and Obama both as examples because neither were asked if they could be parents and lead the free country.
2 - I'm very proud of Palin and her continuous fight for all women, on both sides of the aisle. She's certainly breaking that glass ceiling that many of us, politically active or not, had hoped would happen much sooner, rather than later.
3 - I see you live in Astoria, As do I... small world!
Thanks agian, have a great night.
Lynn Krogh

My response to this?

1. Whether you're asking the question of Hillary only or both Hillary and Barack, there is still a world of difference between raising an infant with Down's Syndrome and raising older children without special needs. Barack Obama's girls, Malia and Natasha, are ages 11 and 9.

2. I couldn't disagree more when it comes to Sarah Palin fighting for women and I don't believe she's breaking any glass ceilings. As Arbor Boy pointed out, it's more like she's pouring a layer of cement over the glass ceiling. Her anti-abortion stance, along with wanting to teach abstinence only and creationism in schools, and believing that the world is only 6,000 years old only points us in the wrong direction.

3. Everybody lives in Astoria.

Thanks for writing, Lynn!

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