Monday, September 1, 2008

Full Melvin

Wednesday was x-ray day for Melvin and, happily, there was no sign of his fracture so Melvin is now bandage free. It's the first time Arbor Boy and I have seen him without a bandage or e-collar. After four weeks with a splint he has to re-learn how to use his little leg but he's finally figuringout how to curl up like a normal cat. He's still confined to his cage or our laps but he's working his little muscles and soon he'll be up and running at full speed, although if it were up to him he'd be chasing the Siamese around the table as I type this.

It was a good Labor Day weekend. A visit from friends, a lot of beer and food consumed and a lot of confused cats. They were thoroughly exhausted from all the activity.

I think we even tired Melvin out.

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