Saturday, July 12, 2008

A dose of hipster

On Deus Ex Malcontent, one of my favorite blogs to haunt, Chez recently wrote one of his superbly blunt pieces that has garnered a fair amount of attention and commentary. It's a lengthy piece (but absolutely worth the read) entitled Droll Models, a look at the internet as new media, specifically the sites Gawker and Jezebel, and what happened when two of Jezebel's bloggers stepped out from behind the computer screen for an interview. If the length turns you off, then I encourage you to at least check out the interview with Lizz Winstead and Jezebel bloggers, Moe Tkacik and Tracie Egan, and tell me they're not irritating as hell. Moe appears to be having a hemorrhoid flare-up that prevents her from sitting like a normal homo sapien, Tracie rattles off a few thoughts that were most certainly formed with the singular goal of shock value in mind and makes sure to let everyone know she lives in Williamsburg (in case you didn't get that she's "hip"). Both girls spend much of the interview glancing at the audience for approval whenever they say something they deem to be clever proving once and for all that stupid is the new black.

Thank you, Chez, this piece was utter fabulocity*.

(*and thank you, Mia Michaels, for the word "fabulocity)

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