Thursday, June 26, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Thanks to the utterly useless cable company, Time Warner Cable, I am without internet service until Sunday when one or two of their fine cable technicians will most certainly arrive at the last possible moment to replace my cable modem...for the second time in eighteen months.

Time Warner Cable, you suck.

** This picture came up when I Googled Time Warner Cable, I swear.


Anonymous said...

yeah I'd be mad to because equipment that they buy don't last FOREVER huh? take a break man. take the crap to a store yourself and swap it and stop crying

Felis Femina said...

So tell me, anonymous, do you work for Time Warner Cable? Judging by your grammar, it's quite possible.

My post was never me crying about the situation, just venting a little frustration and stating a well-known fact that Time Warner Cable is totally inept. I don't expect their equipment to last forever, but it would be nice if it could make it through a year. I would have loved to go swap out the modem for a new one but that wasn't an option, providing another solid example of how Time Warner sucks.

Anonymous said...

psst.. all company's suck. Its going to be the same anywhere you go. Vent away. But to be honest, time warner has the best customer service. Trust me i know. im a insider and they run this place like a concentration camp.

Anonymous said...

apparently your new!! cause the cust service sucks.. they teach the newbies nothing.. and yea im an insider to that moved on to greener pastures and im ashamed i was ever in cust serv b/c it is terrible