Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Sunday Afternoon

(the "just out of bed" album for this particular Sunday)

I've said it before, I love my Sundays. I try very hard to keep my Sundays as relaxed and unplanned as possible. Today was cool and dreary compared to Saturday so I was quite content to stay inside. Arbor Boy was off to see a private garden in Brooklyn so I had the apartment to myself to work on a scholarship essay. I started off by putting on some favorite "study music", Oscar Peterson Trio.

It's one of my must-haves when I have a test to study for or a paper to write.

Now I admit, I usually have no idea where to begin with one of these essays unless I'm lucky enough to have been given a specific topic. This was not one of those times. How do you talk about your interests and experiences in a certain area and keep it within two pages without it simply becoming an itemized list? I found it very difficult to say what I wanted to say, have a good flow to the essay and make it make sense. But after a few hours of typing and retyping, intermingled with bouts of pacing, I finished what I feel is a solid essay about how I stumbled upon the field of veterinary medicine.

With that out of the way I could really enjoy the rest of my Sunday. Arbor Boy got home from a surprisingly enjoyable afternoon and, after a quick jaunt to get an oil change and a stop at a cat sitting gig, we got down to Sunday-ing. A quick trip to the grocery store gave us good oil cured olives and brie, the ipod gave us good tunes and the fridge gave us cold Brooklyn IPAs. Today's most enjoyable tunes...

"Good Woman" from Cat Power's You Are Free album. If this song doesn't make you cry, there is something wrong.

John Mayer's Room For Squares. I never get tired of this album.

"Marianne" from Boys For Pele. I've loved Tori Amos since high school. Nobody does what she does with a piano and a few strange lyrics.

But now it's time to start cooking a yummy dinner and park myself on the couch for the season finale of Rock of Love. Stop laughing.

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