Sunday, March 9, 2008

What Perez Sez

I have had a definite dislike for Perez Hilton ever since he endorsed Hillary Clinton and started making political commentary, something he obviously knows little about. I admit I continue to check out his blog, mostly to see what kind of asinine statements he's making and then get pissed off about them. Apparently, I'm a masochist. Whatever. Today he posted what he calls "a very critical article" about Barack Obama written by The New York Times. Well, I read the article since I favor Obama and I don't find it to be very critical. On the contrary, I find it to be a fair article discussing his achievements and shortcomings during his first year in the senate. And, if Perez had read carefully (or at all), it states in the margin,

"This is part of a series of articles about the life and careers of contenders for the 2008 Republican and Democratic presidential nominations."

So, yes, the article has it's critical points but it also has praise for Obama. A very critical article? Perez is in way over his head. Isn't there anorexic starlet somewhere snorting coke off a hubcap who needs his attention?

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